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Published on September 14th, 2013 | by Jamie Robertson


The Steps Involved In Getting A Private Pilot License

Why should you make the effort to get a private pilot’s license? One reason might be that you always wanted to fly or often fly as a passenger with a friend. This license allows you to fly your own small plane around Canada and across the border during the day, or even to take advantage of a private aircraft rental. You can even carry passengers with you on the plane. It takes time to learn to fly but is worth the effort if you love flying or dream of flying your own plane. The first step toward becoming qualified is to get a medical exam to check your overall health. This is important because you will need this to take any kind of flying lessons. A doctor will check your eyesight, hearing, medications and overall health. Complete the aviation medical by phone or in person, take the exam then sign up for lessons.

Toronto Airways

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The age requirements necessary to take the Toronto Airway private pilot lessons are restricted to adults ages 17 years and older. You will need to be Medical Aviation Category 3 to qualify for lessons. The lessons are 40 hours of ground school and 45 hours of flying in a plane. There is a written exam and flight test to pass. Toronto Airways Ltd has top level instructors to help students learn quickly. They all have many hours of flying experience and working in the field. This is a top quality flight school. In other flight training programs private pilots often train in older planes with less up to date equipment.

Flying lessons give you an avenue for exploration and freedom. You have to learn how to sit and feel comfortable in the plane to fly alone. Often you will wear headphones to respond and hear the control tower. During lessons you will be provided with a set of headphones and you can purchase your own personal pair at the Pilot Store right on site. In addition to practical, hands-on training the course involves reading and study. Learn about the science of flying, how to read instruments and look for other planes at night. Often you will have a fuel tester, a log book to fill out, an operator’s manual, and a headset. Most equipment needed can be purchased at the Pilot Store. Once you complete all of the lessons you will be able to take the test.

The written test to get a license involves 2.5 hours of written questions and answers. The other test, called the practical test, involves an oral test and two hours of flying lessons. These are additional costs but well worth the effort for pilots that want to fly on a regular basis. You don’t have to be a commercial pilot to enjoy flying.  Take private lesson at Toronto Airways Ltd flight school as a way of expanding your world.  You might also consider private aircraft rental for special occasions or to further your experience.  TorontoAirways.com has all of the resources you need right on site.  What are you waiting for?

Author Bio:
Mike Hillsford has been a flying enthusiast for years and just recently has discovered that he was able to get his private pilot’s license without difficulty.  Mike writes on all sorts of flying topics and advises that if you want to get your own license or look into a private aircraft rental you only need to contact the professionals at TorontoAirways.Com and you will be in good hands.

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